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GAF Master Elite

The highest level of roofing certification available in the roofing industry.

Affordable Rain Flow is the ONLY GAF Certified Master Elite Roofing Contractor in the Okanagan! With over 30+ years experience and GAF certification, you can rest easy knowing your project is in the right hands.

GAF is a roofing manufacturing company that was founded in 1886 in Parsippany, New Jersey. They have become North America’s largest manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing materials, with sales approaching $3 billion. GAF’s standard line of lifetime shingles, Timberline HD, is the #1 selling line in America. Because of their high standards and reputation in the industry, GAF is able to offer the highest level of roofing certifications and warranties.

What is Master Elite™?

A Master Elite™ Certification from GAF is the highest level of roofing certifications available in the roofing industry.

To gain this certification, contractors need to:

  • Be properly licensed
  • Adequately Insured
  • Have a proven reputation
  • Be committed to ongoing professional training

Only 2% of all roofing companies qualify as Master Elite™. This means that out of 2,000 roofing companies, only 40 are able to meet GAF’s high quality standards. In order to uphold these standards, GAF randomly inspects a large number of the roofs that each company puts on each year.

In some areas roofing companies are not required to hold a specific roofing license. This makes holding a Master Elite™ Certification one of the few ways to determine if your chosen contractor is actually qualified to perform work on your roof.

What does this mean? ~ Affordable Rain Flow is qualified as a Master Elite™ contractor, which means we are able to provide our customers with the most inclusive warranties in the roofing business. These warranties give our customers the peace of mind to know that no matter what happens, their roof will be taken care of. Even if customers choose not to purchase these warranties, they know that quality materials are being put on their roof and that they will receive the highest quality workmanship in the business.

GAF Offers Worry-free Master Elite Warranties

Affordable Rain Flow roofs come with a 50-year material and a 25/30 year GAF labour warranty.


Because of our unique factory-certified status, the roofs we install are eligible for special warranties – all backed by GAF’s financial clout as North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. After all, a warranty is only as good as the installer and manufacturer that stands behind it. With a GAF roof, you know that you will be covered throughout the warranty period – without fail! Ask us which warranty option would be right for your home;

The Golden Pledge Warranty

The Golden Pledge Warranty is the most inclusive warranty available.

50 Year Non-Prorated Material, 25/30 Year Workmanship Warranty

40 Year Non-Prorated Material, 20 Year Workmanship Warranty

Please contact us for more information on our warranties.

The Silver Pledge Warranty

The Silver Pledge Warranty is the mid-level warranty from GAF.

50 Year Non-Prorated Material, 10 Year Workmanship Warranty

40 Year Non-Prorated Material, 10 Year Workmanship Warranty

Please contact us for more information on our warranties.